Ricky Starks Names The AEW Matches That Are 'Special' To Him

Ricky Starks might currently be one half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions, but he has had an important year as a singles star as well. The highlight of that took place in the summer during his rivalry against Bryan Danielson, and Starks admitted that those matches with the "American Dragon" are very special to him.

"I think you guys have seen me this past summer go through a lot of things that was out of my control," he said during the AEW Full Gear media scrum. He then brought up the program he had with Bryan Danielson and the reactions he received to one of their matches that he said he had "no expectations for."

Starks was involved in a rivalry against CM Punk in the summer, but that coincided with the former AEW World Champion being released from the company. Instead, AEW pivoted to an angle against Danielson, and the reception to the matches left "Absolute" crying during a flight, showcasing the impact people's words had on him. Starks showcased a more aggressive side of himself during that storyline as they competed in a Strap match and a Texas Death match, tapping into a different part of his in-ring style. 

"I felt like that what you saw was as raw of a Ricky that you're going to get in a match, especially with everything involved. That was as raw and passionate, and everything that I could give. That match actually stands the test of time for me. It ranks very high for me personally," he said. "Crazy as it sounds, I'd do it again." 

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