Fellow WCW Alum Lex Luger Discusses AEW Star Sting's Upcoming Retirement

WWE Hall of Famer, AEW star, and all-around wrestling legend Sting is finally calling time on his career next year at AEW Revolution 2024, and this comes as no surprise to Lex Luger.

"Not to give anything away about our private conversations but I kinda already knew he was really considering wrapping it up, as far as wrestling matches," Luger admitted on "Lex Express" recently. "He hasn't told me this but I feel like the condition he stays in, the way he looks, his character, he could still come back and lock somebody up in a Scorpion [Deathlock]." 


Luger believes that there could be a lot more left in Sting from a presentation perspective but it will all be up to the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion's desires.

"I'm not sure he wants to do that, he might just want to do a clean [break]," Luger said. Luger is confident that this will be the last bell-to-bell wrestling match in Sting's career.

Luger and Sting are longtime friends, which begs the question whether Luger will be involved with Sting's road to retirement, much like new AEW signee Ric Flair, who managed Sting at AEW Full Gear, and plans on continuing to do so. Luger however will likely not be able to take part.

"I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it. I'm under contract to WWE as an ambassador," Luger explained. But "The Total Package" says that he'd love to be there if WWE allows it. His co-host Conrad Thompson then teased that the location of Sting's retirement match will likely be near Luger's current residence.