Booker T Explains Why He Isn't Mad About Controversial WWE WrestleMania 19 Match

The lead-up to the Triple H vs. Booker T match at WrestleMania 19 was controversial, to say the least, with many criticizing WWE for building a storyline with racist connotations. The bigotry from Triple H's heel character was particularly evident on the March 3 episode of "WWE Raw" in 2003 when he told Booker that "somebody like you doesn't get to be a World Champion" while also asking his rival to entertain people rather than dreaming of being a top star in the WWE. 


The fact that Triple H didn't get his comeuppance at WrestleMania 19 still baffles many, but Booker himself isn't mad at WWE for his loss. During his recent appearance on "The Kurt Angle Show," Booker explained why he holds no ill will towards WWE for not letting him go over Triple H. 

"People always talk about that match because it had so much intensity and real feel going into it, you know, the whole black and white thing," Booker said. "Him coming as the kid with the silver spoon in his mouth, and me coming from the rough side of the tracks that had been in prison and whatnot. A kid like me shouldn't make it to that position, but I did — I made it to WrestleMania to the top spot.

"I didn't win that night, but I always tell people, 'Go back and watch that match.' It was an awesome match. We went out there and let it all hang out, and Hunter took everything that night! I never cared about wins and losses. I always thought about the moment. A lot of people wish I won that match, and a lot of people were so disappointed that night, but I've never lost one day of sleep because [of] that check ... the biggest check I've made for one night. If anybody's complaining, put me in that every year. I'd do the same thing!"