Booker T Explains Why Transitioning From WCW To WWE Was 'Effortless'

Many of WCW's stars were entering uncharted territory when WWE purchased the Ted Turner-owned promotion in 2001. However, Booker T — the WCW Champion at the time of the acquisition — was among those who quickly found his footing with his new company. During his recent appearance on "The Kurt Angle Show," Booker explained why WWE boss Vince McMahon and others took a liking to him instantly, making his transition a rather easy one. 


"Honestly, it was effortless," Booker said of his switch from WCW to WWE. "I had no problems adapting ... but I came here with an open mind. When I came from WCW, I was the wrestler, man. I was the ultimate wrestler, I could go out there and perform in the middle of that squared circle with anybody. But when I came to WWE, I had to work on my character-building; those guys started putting me in situations where I had to go out there and think and be quick on my feet," he addeed. "I also had to be quick-witted at the same time. For me, I was loving that process." The two-time WWE Hall of Famer noted he was always drawn to "the art of entertainment" and the move to WWE reminded him that the business was more than just about in-ring performances. 


Booker admittedly drew inspiration from Kurt Angle, who, despite being an Olympic gold medalist, worked tirelessly on his gimmick and understood the importance of connecting the audiences. "You've got to know how to fit in, and then when you go into that squared circle, you would school somebody. For me, those two [aspects] coincide, they go together. And I needed to learn that ... guys like Pat Patterson and Blackjack Lanza taught me so much when I came into that company."