Dustin Rhodes Says Tagging With WWE Hall Of Famer Was 'Inspiring'

Throughout his second run in World Championship Wrestling (1991-1995), Dustin Rhodes had the opportunity to tag team with future WWE Hall of Famer Sting on several occasions. Fast forwarding to the 2020s, Rhodes and Sting were reunited under the umbrella of All Elite Wrestling, with Rhodes serving as an on-screen and backstage figure, while "The Icon" returned to in-ring action after a five-year hiatus. Given their mutual ties to WCW and AEW, Rhodes was recently asked to share his thoughts on Sting's legendary career, which is set to wrap up at AEW Revolution 2024.


Looking back, Rhodes believes teaming up with Sting was an invaluable experience for him, especially in the early years of his own career. "Getting into the business and being able to tag with Sting, and watch what he does, and just how he operates was truly inspiring for me. It was incredible," Rhodes told "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling." "He is an icon, an incredible icon who's had so many years in the business and so many good things that have come his way and [it was the] right time for different things. [He] just really elevated the character Sting in different variations — the surfer boy Sting, the 'crow' Sting, the NWO Sting. They're so cool, and the kids love them, and that's all that matters, right? He's going out there and he's entertaining fans still to this day."


Though Sting is hanging up his boots soon, Rhodes is excited to see his colleague finish his career on his own terms — something that not every performer is afforded the chance to do.

"Unfortunately, I won't get to see him around anymore after Revolution, so I'm going to enjoy every single bit of everything that he does up until then," Rhodes added.

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