Eric Bischoff Laughs Off 'Woke' Job Role In AEW, Criticizes Tony Khan's Leadership

A growing trend in professional wrestling, professional entertainment, and workplaces in general, is hiring an employee or department that is focused on maintaining a positive corporate culture and a healthy, open relationship between employees and management. All Elite Wrestling is following suit, currently looking for a "Vice President of People and Culture" who will be responsible for maintaining a positive culture and employee experience in AEW. Former WCW President Eric Bischoff thinks that's just silly.


"Did he get that idea from watching TikTok?" Bischoff asked on "Strictly Business," referencing the heavily-progressive and youth-oriented application. "I've never heard of that job classification. I've heard of Human Resources, but Vice President of People and Culture — you can't disagree with the need. There's clearly a cultural problem backstage. That kinda thing usually falls under Human Resources, but hey, whatever."

Bischoff isn't sure that adding another cog to the AEW machine will make things more efficient.

"I'm not crapping on it," Bischoff hedged. "I just find it woke as f***, but whatever."

The former WCW President isn't thrilled with Khan's leadership in generalm and thinks that no matter who is hired in the new role, the AEW CEO will still need to straighten up and fly right.


"Leadership and vision are two things that [AEW] needs," Bischoff says. "You can bring in a Vice President of Culture and People, and Vice President of Thought Process, and a Vice President of Warm and Fuzzy, you can bring in all kinds of people under the leader to try to fix the problem, but it starts at the top. Tony needs to be a part of that process."

As it stands, Christopher Daniels is the Head of Talent Relations for AEW, which would appear to be as close to the traditional Human Resources, but there is no word on whether Daniels will be working with, above, or under the new Vice President.