Bully Ray Suggests WWE Star As 'Last Hurdle' On Cody Rhodes' Path To Roman Reigns

Randy Orton is returning from injury to help former Legacy compatriot Cody Rhodes at Survivor Series, as he'll be the fifth man alongside Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso, and Seth Rollins in their WarGames match against Drew McIntyre and The Judgment Day. Orton and Rhodes have a history of violence against each other, however, and on the latest "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray suggested that "The Apex Predator" should give in to his baser instincts on Saturday.


"Imagine the babyfaces go over in the War Games, and as they're getting their hand raised, RKO from Randy to Cody to set up the last hurdle in the Hard Times story before Cody gets to Roman," Ray pitched. The WWE Hall of Famer said Randy Orton wanting a shot at Roman Reigns just makes sense, since Orton also has history with The Bloodline and is a generally untrustworthy character. "I think there's a story there. A very good final story, not just something thrown in for something to do."

Orton hasn't wrestled since May 2022, when he took time off to get surgery to repair a back injury after losing the "Raw" Tag Team Championships to The Usos. Updates on Orton's future were slow, with some believing the injury may have put an end to "The Viper"'s in-ring career, but Rhodes announced the former WWE Champion would be his team's fifth man on Monday night's "WWE Raw." Rhodes spent a lot of time learning under Orton alongside Ted DiBiase Jr. in the Legacy faction; despite the fact that he witnessed some of Orton's more volatile tendencies during his time with the group, it was Rhodes who made the call to Orton to offer him a spot in WarGames.