Bully Ray Details What The AEW Creative Team Should Be Thinking About Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland and "Hangman" Adam Page went to war on Saturday in a brutal Texas Death Match at AEW FullĀ Gear that had the wrestling world talking. Swerve managed to get the victory over Page, and on the latest "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray thinks AEW needs to strike while the iron is hot.


"It's very important for creative in AEW, seeing this performance that Swerve turned in, [to say] 'what do we do with him on Wednesday?'" Bully said. "'Do we open the show on Wednesday with Swerve?' These are the ideas that should be going through the heads of creative." Bully believes that capitalizing on Swerve's popularity following Saturday is important, saying there should be a definitive place for Swerve in the company's plans for Wednesday's show. "If not, people are going to forget real quick."

Bully's co-host, Dave LaGreca, pointed out that Strickland is part of a very popular package, as people are following his story while also enjoying the antics of his dancing manager Prince Nana.


"I guarantee that Triple H looks at Swerve now and says, 'Damn, why didn't he do that then?'" Mark Henry added to the conversation, saying he believes that Vince McMahon was responsible for not seeing the star potential of Strickland and letting him leave WWE.

"Sometimes it is on the wrestler," Bully responded. "The wrestler becomes so fearful to not do anything outside of the box that they never get to see their personality." The former TNA World Champion thinks Strickland has finally stepped out of said box in AEW, and is reaping the rewards.