Johnny Gargano Reflects On WarGames Experience Ahead Of WWE Survivor Series

Johnny Gargano, who competed in a WarGames match during his time in "WWE NXT," has revealed what wrestlers can expect from the match at Survivor Series. Gargano explained on the "Battleground Podcast" that there's no way to prepare for the brutal match.


"It hurts a lot ... how do you prepare for WarGames? I don't know that you can," he said. "I think you've just got to go in there and throw caution to the wind and be willing to accept that the next day, you might not be able to walk very much. When I did WarGames, it was literally when my contract was expiring so I knew the next day, I probably wasn't going to wrestle, so I could throw caution to the wind all I wanted. You have to be prepared that you are not going to go into that cage the same way you come out – you are going to be a different person after War Games."

Gargano wrestled in the WarGames match at the tail-end of his "NXT" run, teaming up with the older heads on the brand against the fresher faces back in 2021 before taking a hiatus from the business.


Two WarGames matches will take place at the premium live event in Chicago, Illinois. The Judgment Day will take on an all-star babyface lineup in the men's match, while it will be a similar scenario in the women's contest with Damage CTRL going up against four red-hot fan favorites. With the matches usually extending well past the 30-minute mark, and at times, closer to an hour, the competitors will have to overcome plenty of adversity in their bid to secure victory for their respective teams.

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