AJ Francis, FKA Top Dolla, Says WWE Should Book This Intergender Match

One of the highlights of WWE's pandemic product was the rivalry that ignited between Bayley and Michael Cole, with the current Damage CTRL star consistently talking trash to the commentator. The company never turned it into a storyline, but another of Cole's rivals – AJ "Top Dolla" Francis – believes WWE should tap into it.


"They should wrestle, it'll draw. You think people don't want to see Bayley vs. Michael Cole? You're wrong," Francis told the "Ten Count" podcast. "Just go check my mentions for the last year and tell me people didn't want to see Top Dolla vs. Michael Cole; that's just a fact of life, that's just how it is. People are interested in those things." 

Francis is aware that a match between himself and Cole was never going to be a technical masterpiece, but that's not something he deems to be necessary for wrestling. That's because even though he loved great workers such as Bret Hart, he also loved entertaining characters like The Godfather, a role he admitted he'd have liked to play himself.

"Wrestling is supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be entertaining, it's supposed to have those little elements," he said. "Why do you think R-Truth is never going to leave WWE? R-Truth is great, R-Truth can go out and work a 20-minute match if he wanted to with anyone on the card, but R-Truth is there to pop the crowd."


Cole made a constant running joke about Francis after one move went infamously awry, and the former Hit Row star admitted that he did want to face him in a match. While that never happened, Francis is adamant that Cole donning his tights once more is something that should happen.

"Put it as the first intergender match of WrestleMania: Cole vs. Bayley," Francis said. "But Cole can't go over, if Cole faces Bayley, then Bayley has to go over," he said. "Main event night one in Philly — Cole vs.Bayley. Book it."

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