ICYMI: NXT's Lexis King Costs Carmelo Hayes Shot At Iron Survivor Match At Deadline

Lexis King is doing his best to steal the spotlight from former "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes. 

On last night's "WWE NXT," King made sure to push Hayes from the center stage once again. Hayes was moments away from defeating Josh Briggs and advancing to the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline on December 9. That is until King appeared ringside, distracting the former champion just long enough for Briggs to capitalize with a Clothesline From Hell and then a Moonsault to qualify for the upcoming marquee match.


But King's involvement with Hayes as of late hasn't just been limited to interfering in bouts. He has also begun to play a role in the current conflict between Hayes and his former right-hand man Trick Williams. Williams was mysteriously attacked backstage weeks ago and has suspected Hayes was behind the attack. But King has insinuating that it may have been he who attacked Williams all along to cause tension between the two former allies. Hayes has been adamant that he did not attack Williams. 

King used to be known as Brian Pillman Jr. but shed his father's name when he jumped from AEW to WWE. Thus far, King's intentions in "NXT" aren't quite clear yet; the former Varsity Blonde appears motivated by merely causing chaos as opposed to any actual personal animosity for Hayes. Hayes' laser focus had been directed at regaining the "NXT" Championship from Ilja Dragunov. But King has been insistent upon his arrival to be a thorn in the former champ's side.