Kevin Nash Fantasy Books NWO Invasion Of Current WWE Product, How They'd Get Heat

The NWO is regarded as one of the most notorious factions in pro wrestling history, and Kevin Nash has fantasy-booked a storyline for the faction if they were a part of the current WWE product.

On his "Kliq This" podcast, the Hall of Famer stated that if the NWO were to exist in WWE presently, he would have him, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan attack Cody Rhodes, after "The American Nightmare" defeats Roman Reigns to become WWE Undisputed Universal Champion at WrestleMania. He believes that would be the simplest way for the NWO to get heat.


"The easiest way to do it is just the three of us attempt ... I mean bring us into WrestleMania and have Cody finally got Roman beat and then come down and just pull the rug out, 'cause at that point ... I mean you just want that same degree of heat. I mean because at that point if you don't fu**ing pay that Cody runoff by then. So I would say that would be [the way], if I had to book, let us f**k Cody at WrestleMania," said Nash.

Cody Rhodes is easily one of the most-loved babyfaces in WWE right now, perhaps even in the whole of pro wrestling. Anyone who betrays or attacks him, especially after he has "finished his story" would get a lot of heat from the WWE Universe.

Nash had another idea for the NWO in the current WWE product, this time involving "WWE NXT," where the group would attack the brand's top stars and even the head of "NXT," Shawn Michaels.


"The fact that we would come down and attack Shawn Michaels's promotion and beat the sh*t out of Shawn would be huge," asserted Nash. The Hall of Famer feels NWO could have several storylines in the developmental brand, lauding the talent that the stars in "NXT" possess.