Bobby Fish Recalls Triple H's 'Brilliance' In His Handling Of The Undisputed Era

During an interview with WrestlingNewsCo, former WWE wrestler Bobby Fish was asked if there was ever a discussion about The Undisputed Era being moved to either "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown."

"There were definitely times that it was discussed," Fish said. "How earnest those discussions were, I don't know. Again, above my pay grade. I wasn't privy to that side of it, but I know conversations were had. I know that the stuff that we did on 'Raw' and 'SmackDown,' and with Survivor Series and whatever, it was all well received. The segment we did with Hunter [Paul "Triple H" Levesque] on 'Raw' I know went well, and then when we jumped The New Day and I don't remember what their name was ... FTR [The Revival] ... I feel like all those segments were well received. 


"And I think that people just didn't want to see us break up. They didn't want to see us not together. I think that speaks to some of Hunter's, for lack of a better term, brilliance in putting us together. None of us were the biggest guys in the world, but we could all work. We all brought similar talents but were unique in our own ways."

Fish was a part of The Undisputed Era, along with Adam Cole, Roderick Strong (who joined the stable in 2018), and Kyle O'Reilly, on "WWE NXT" between 2017 and 2021. The group arguably became the most successful stable in the history of "NXT," winning various titles and awards. All four members of The Undisputed Era are no longer working for WWE, with Cole, Strong, and O'Reilly signed to All Elite Wrestling, while Fish, who won his debut boxing match last year, performs on the independent circuit.


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