Bobby Fish Wins Debut Boxing Match In Dubai

Bobby Fish was part of the Global Titans Fight Series event in Dubai on Sunday. The boxing exhibition, which was headlined by boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather, marked Fish's professional debut as a boxer — and he got off to a great start.


Fish took on Boateng Prempeh in an undercard fight, and went on to pick up a TKO win in the second round. The clip of Fish finishing off his opponent was subsequently uploaded to the event's official Twitter page and can be viewed below:

For a second, however, it seemed that Fish forgot what sport he was competing in. As highlighted in another Global Titans Fight Series tweet, the 46-year-old tried to pick up Prempeh during their brawl. Fortunately, the former AEW star was unsuccessful in his attempt to wrestle his opponent and didn't get disqualified.


That said, now that he's competed in a boxing match, Fish is now looking to try a different type of combat sport for his next professional bout. He recently told "MCW Backstage Pass" that he signed a two-fight deal, the first of which had to be boxing. However, the second fight might be more suited to Fish's areas of expertise. "The next one, I would really like for it to be kickboxing or MMA because that's what I've done. I've been doing martial arts since I was a kid and that's what I love."

Outside of boxing, Fish recently made his IMPACT Wrestling debut, though he wasn't exactly warmly received by the fans. On a recent episode of his podcast, the former AEW star described the experience as being comparable to "fart[ing] in a church."