Bobby Fish Responds To Negative Reaction In His Hometown

Since leaving AEW, Bobby Fish has been in the news more than anyone likely anticipated, both due to false rumors that he tried to get certain talents to leave AEW, his statements on former AEW World Champion CM Punk, and his debut for Impact Wrestling, which has received possibly the most attention so far due to the crowd's reaction to his appearance. On the latest episode of "The Undisputed Podcast," in which Fish hosted Impact star Steve Maclin, Fish addressed the rather frigid reception he received at Impact's Bound for Glory event, which just so happened to take place in Fish's hometown of Albany.


"They received me like I had farted in church," Fish said. "It was like, okay, well why did I leave Albany? Probably because of that. I'm a very hateable person. It's okay. I'm good with it. Those are my cheers. I like being ridiculed. I'm a glutton for punishment."

Despite being a native son, Fish received boos in Albany, and even a few "CM Punk" chants in reference to his online beef with the controversial wrestling star. Things didn't get much better for Fish days later, when an appearance on "Impact Wrestling" saw Fish garner a minuscule reaction from the audience during a confrontation with Impact Champion Josh Alexander and Bully Ray. Alexander would defeat Fish to retain his title later in the episode.


Fish is now looking to turn his attention away from the ring and towards boxing. He is scheduled to make his boxing debut this weekend, taking on Boateng Prempeh in Dubai.

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