Kevin Sullivan Believes WWE Should Sign Controversial Free Agent

As WCW's head booker in the 1990s, Kevin Sullivan dealt with his fair share of locker room egos and big personalities, including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, and Sting. Despite understanding the ripple effects that could come from WWE bringing back CM Punk, Sullivan has urged Paul Levesque to give the controversial former WWE Champion another chance. 


"Maybe they don't need him now, but maybe you better pick him now," Sullivan said on "Tuesday with The Taskmaster." 

There's weight in Sullivan's "WWE does not need Punk" argument, considering the fact that the company has set all sorts of financial records over the past few years and has seen a year-over-year uptick in attendance figures, television ratings, and social media engagement. Yet, Sullivan believes Punk will bring even more eyeballs to an already-hot WWE product.

"You can never have too big of a lineup," Sullivan said of WWE's stacked roster adding Punk. "When you get a chance to get talent and grab something that can't be done, get it. Because you're gonna make an impact." When asked if he would introduce Punk in WWE's main event storylines from the onset, Sullivan responded with an emphatic "No" before breaking down his thought process. "I bring him in and have him say, 'I have a lot of friends here now, but the people in the wrestling business haven't been nice to me.' You'd probably have to do this in Chicago and put himself over. I'd make him a heel." 


Sullivan would utilize a heel Punk in the same vein as "a pastor in the Church," preaching his gospel on what pro wrestling is supposed to be, and why WWE continues to set a bad example for the business. "He should be given the authority to bring in his own guys [for a sable]," Sullivan concluded. 

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