Renee Paquette Discusses 'Jumping In There' In Role As AEW Producer

Renee Paquette has been a backstage interviewer with All Elite Wrestling since October of last year, but she also has a role behind the scenes. Speaking to "Women's Wrestling Talk", Paquette opened up about working as a producer for the company.

"I focus on what I have the most experience in, of course, is those backstage segments doing those interviews, different promos," Paquette said. "You know, for me, it's kind of jumping in there. It's such a different experience than it is with WWE." 

Working with various members of the WWE roster as a backstage interviewer between 2012 and 2020 helped Paquette prepare for being a producer. During the interview, she explained that the experience she gained in that role worked to her advantage.

"So really, it's, you know, getting together with the talent, sometimes it's right before we're about to shoot something going, what are we doing? What are we trying to accomplish? And it's really just keeping everybody on track and making sure that what we're doing makes sense."

While considering what is being said by everyone involved in a segment is important, Paquette noted the impact that small details, such as positioning, entrances or exits, and her own reactions to performers, can have.

"It's all those little things that I think really make the difference to those moments. And as we know, it was like any moment that you have on camera is so valuable."

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