Why Booker T Thinks He Might 'Feel Sorry' For Will Ospreay In AEW

Booker T is thrilled for Will Opsreay for signing a lucrative contract with AEW, but he also feels "sorry" that the British wrestler won't enjoy the perks that come with being a WWE superstar. On "Hall of Fame," Booker speculated that Opsreay likely chose AEW over WWE as he was offered more coin from the Tony Khan-owned promotion.


"I'm sure Tony Khan took care of him," Booker said. "He's probably making more money now than at any point in the business. That part right there is good for him. But I just hope they make this guy a household name and make him a legendary figure ... I just wonder. The reason I say that is because I watched [only] a minute of AEW last week, and it was Kota Ibushi coming down a 10-speed bicycle binking guys, and then getting hit with a clothesline."

Booker noted that if he were a fan watching wrestling for the first time, the aforementioned Ibushi segment would have instantly repelled him from AEW programming, and he hopes for Opsreay's sake that AEW presents him as a serious competitor. "If Will Ospreay is going to be doing anything like this, I feel sorry for him. But as far as him getting paid, big ups for Will. But as far as his career and legacy he's going to leave in AEW, I hope those guys think about it because he is truly one of the best wrestlers in the world."


The Hall of Famer cited the example of his stint in TNA in the late 2010s when he benefitted from WWE loyalties despite leaving Vince McMahon's company. "I can see Tony Khan paying him more than what WWE was offering, but I feel Will Ospreay would have made more money [in WWE] just for merchandising. When I went to TNA, they paid me a nice check, but I was making more from WWE royalties alone."

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