WWE HOFer RVD Explains Why He Didn't Like Wrestling At MSG

Madison Square Garden is often seen as the mecca of professional wrestling, having played host to some of the biggest events in wrestling history, including the first-ever WWE SummerSlam or WrestleMania 20. However, it wasn't a place where RVD loved wrestling, as he claimed, "It was just too small, compact."


"I always feel like I'm insulting people because that's their pinnacle of sports is MSG, and I can tell by how excited everyone gets, like, 'Oh my god, we're in MSG,'" he said on "1 Of A Kind." "For me since I did it and have the nostalgia factor ... The way that I remember it was that everyone's bags take up the entire dressing room and you can't even fit a person and all the bags." Madison Square Garden has typically been seen as the home of WWE, but ROH and NJPW did step in for the G1 Supercard in 2019 as well — adding further history to the arena. While it might create a great atmosphere as a place fans enjoy attending, from a logistical perspective it wasn't ideal, as RVD revealed they had to go one at a time to get dressed.


"It was just not my favorite building to go to. I always feel like when I say that I'm sorry for New Yorkers and everyone who grew up idolizing the Garden and making that their holy bucket list destination," RVD said. "I don't argue with you and your values, but for me, not my favorite place. There's one toilet for 20 wrestlers, how clean do you think that toilet's going to be?"

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