Backstage Update On WWE's Current Stance On CM Punk

With WWE's Survivor Series: WarGames right around the corner, many fans are wondering whether CM Punk will make his presence felt. However, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is no evidence that the former WWE Champion will be at the show on Saturday, even though it will emanate from Chicago, Illinois, which is Punk's hometown. 


Those close to the situation have denied that Punk will be there, but anything is possible in the wrestling world. Therefore, this could simply be a well-kept secret. One wrestler who will be returning at the upcoming PLE is Randy Orton and one of the main reasons WWE opted to announce "The Viper" ahead of time rather than as a surprise was so people didn't expect Punk to be the fifth man for the WarGames team. Had nobody been announced, chants for the former AEW star could've broken out.

There is some negativity about Punk within WWE — likely due to how his previous run with the company ended. Even though it appears Punk may not be returning this weekend in Chicago, that doesn't mean it will never happen. WWE is not completely opposed to bringing him in if it is a situation they have to do based on fan responses. That's because WWE's current creative team isn't looking to be combative with the audience; therefore, if the crowd makes it clear they want to see Punk, then there is a chance it could happen.


There has been some speculation about Punk and WWE in recent weeks due to certain references that have been made on television and teases on Punk's social media. Many fans have pondered over Shinsuke Nakamura's mysterious callouts, with some believing they were possibly opening the door to be answered by Punk, but that remains to be seen.