Two Tag Teams Look Set To Join WWE Main Roster

The WWE's main roster tag division could be getting two massive additions soon.

According to WrestleVotes, the official WWE programs that are being sold during Survivor Series weekend in Rosemont, IL feature the former WWE NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus, despite not featuring any other "WWE NXT" talent, possibly signaling an impending main roster push for the trio. 


Gallus have been regularly featured on NXT, with the group's Joe Coffey recently competing in the Global Heritage Invitational on the Tuesday night program. The popular Scottish team wasn't the only talent that graced the pages of the program, as former WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain were also featured in the program, despite the tandem being released in 2020, and not appearing on WWE television since rumors of their signing broke earlier this year. 


The Authors of Pain, better known as Akam & Rezar, were released in March of 2020, but in 2023 it was reported that the duo had signed new contracts with WWE sometime in 2022, said to be during the period when Vince McMahon was briefly retired from the company, but had not been brought back to television, though rumors of their return sprung up periodically. The group was even listed on an internal travel in May of this year. 

Authors of Pain have not wrestled since their 2020 release. The team was set to run an event for their own promotion, Wrestling Entertainment Series, but the promotion fell through before the first show, leaving the team mired in controversy over the promotion's legitimacy.