Triple H Provides Details About How CM Punk's WWE Return Came Together

In a move that shocked the wrestling world after weeks of speculation on social media, CM Punk returned to WWE at the very end of Survivor Series: War Games as the broadcast was about to go off the air. Almost immediately following the premium live event, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque addressed media members about the show itself and then took questions about the "elephant in the room," meaning Punk.


"This was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle moments that came together very quickly, but we are really excited about it," Levesque said. "It's been a long time and in some ways it has been a long time coming. You can say this about CM Punk, love him, hate him, positive, negative whatever you want to say, people talk about him all the time. He is a magnet for that. He is a conversation starter ... And for me, if our fans want it, if the WWE Universe is excited to have it, then let's go, and we'll figure out the rest of it from there."

Levesque said everything regarding Punk's return to the company came together very quickly, which is why he thinks the news did not leak. He said it was only himself and Nick Khan who knew. He even addressed that he believed there were a lot of top people at TKO who were watching the show going, "Holy s***." According to Levesque, there was a lot of speculation for such a long time, but the return did not start coming together until after all that speculation died down. As for his previous issues with Punk, Levesque seemed to say it was all water under the bridge and both men had moved on for the good of the company.


"If you were the same person you were 10 years ago 10 years later, you've messed up," he said. "Everybody grows, everybody changes. I'm a different person. He's a different person. It's a different company and we're all on the same, even starting ground."

As for what's next for Punk, Levesque said that whatever it is, it will be a "thrill ride for the WWE Universe." He said everyone is thrilled to have him back "home" in WWE and said it's where he belongs.