CM Punk Returns To WWE At Survivor Series As Chicago Comes Unglued

CM Punk shocked wrestling fans in Chicago as he made an unprecedented return to WWE for the first time in over nine years at Survivor Series. The show looked to draw to a close following the men's WarGames main event, only for "Cult of Personality" to play and send the crowd into raptures. The show went off the air with Punk standing amidst the massive reception from his hometown fans.


Punk was fired from AEW earlier this year with cause, after an alleged backstage incident with Jack Perry. From that point he has been continually speculated to make a groundbreaking return to the company he walked out from, especially seeing as Survivor Series would be rolling through his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Multiple reports have emerged in the lead-in to the event which downplayed the idea he would be arriving, which would have further cemented the surprise of his actual emergence. Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp reported after the show that Punk had an hour-long conversation with Paul Levesque last week, and his arrival had been kept a complete surprise from WWE staff reps, and creative. Levesque personally took over calling the show in the last couple of minutes after calling for the copyright stamp. Needless to say, CM Punk's return coming right as the show closed should provide many with a strong a hook to watch Monday's "WWE Raw".