Road Dogg Explains Why The Rock Was A Better 'Sports Entertainer' Than Steve Austin

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin are the two faces of WWE's Attitude Era. As such, they are often compared to each other due to their iconic rivalry. However, out of the two, Brian "Road Dogg" James — who got to work with both men during the peaks of their careers — admitted that he thinks The Rock is better out of the two when it comes to being a sports entertainer.

"I say The Rock. I only say that because she specifically said sports entertainer," he said when reacting to a question on "Oh, You Didn't Know." "Yes, Stone Cold was a sports entertainer for sure," he added, but that didn't stop him from choosing The Rock over his peer. 

While Austin put together some great storylines, particularly with his rivalry against Vince McMahon, The Rock certainly tapped into the sports entertainment aspect heavily. Whether it was via his "Rock concerts," the flamboyant shirts he wore, or his endless string of catchphrases, he created an over-the-top character that proved to be entertaining, whether as a heel or a babyface. 

Even though the entertainment aspect of wrestling is a big part of it, what happens from a bell-to-bell perspective is of equal importance. The latter is an area where James believes the "Texas Rattlesnake" had the advantage over The Rock.

"I think Stone Cold was a better wrestler than The Rock. Does that make sense?"

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