Bruce Prichard Recalls Controversial Storyline Plans For McMahon Family In WWE

There have been a handful of controversial storylines over the years involving the McMahon family, including the introduction of God to Vince and Shane McMahon's feud with Shawn Michaels in 2006, as well as Vince's extramarital affair with Trish Stratus during the tail end of the Attitude Era. While appearing on his "Something to Wrestle" podcast, Bruce Prichard was asked if there was ever a discussion about putting the tag team belts on Vince and Shane.


"I'm sure there was [a] discussion about it at some point, one way or the other," Prichard said. "There were probably a lot of 'what ifs' and [it] would have been a lot of heat, but for whatever reason, it just never really happened. I thought that they were a great duo. It was during a time of just immense heat for Vince and The Corporation [between 1998 and 1999]. Shane was a big part of that, so I think that, without a doubt, it was discussed, but nothing really ever came to fruition, obviously, but I do think it would have been solid."

The idea of a tag title run for Vince and Shane doesn't seem all that bad compared to a past storyline pitched by the former WWE Chairman. During an appearance on the "Opie Radio" podcast in 2018, Shane and Prichard discussed Vince pitching an incest storyline involving his two children. Prichard disclosed that creative talks occurred throughout a full day as Vince attempted to figure out if he could work Stephanie McMahon's pregnancy into a storyline. In the end, the idea was nixed.


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