WWE HOFer Kurt Angle Provides Health Update Following Knee & Neck Surgeries

Kurt Angle's body took a toll as he entertained fans in the squared circle for over 20 years. Now, as he approaches his 55th birthday, the Olympic gold medalist continues to deal with nagging injuries, especially since undergoing a double knee replacement last year. Following those surgeries, Angle is admittedly still getting accustomed to his "new knees" that prevent him from doing certain things.


"I'm running on them, but I'm not supposed to run on them," Angle told "The Kurt Angle Show" of his surgically-repaired knees. "I'm kneeling, but I'm not supposed to kneel on them. So I'm not really taking good care of them. They're supposed to last 20 years, but the way I'm treating them, probably 10! I might as well get fat [laughs]." Angle added that he's also not been using a golf cart while playing golf despite being ordered to do so by his doctors.

The WWE Hall of Famer then provided an update on the state of his neck, the breaking of which couldn't keep him from competing at the 1996 Summer Olympics. "I'm having neck surgery at the beginning of next year," Angle revealed. "They're gonna put in artificial disk replacements, and it's gonna help these [hands] right here. I can't really grab things, they always slip and fall from my hands. I have horrible motor skills." 


Angle added that the disk replacements will help him regain full strength and motion in his otherwise atrophied hands. "When they do the disk replacements, they're gonna open up my nerve so they can go into my arms. So I'll have better circulation [in my hands]."