Kurt Angle Health Update Following Double Knee Surgery

Kurt Angle recently celebrated his 54th birthday on last Friday's "WWE SmackDown" from his hometown of Pittsburgh, and while he seemed to be his game-for-anything old self, physically he had been dealing with the toll years of wrestling had taken on his body in recent months. 

While Angle has never closed the door on having one last match, it might not be in the cards given the wear and tear he's endured. Back in May, he took care of one particular long-lasting issue and underwent a double knee replacement surgery, and on the latest episode of "The Kurt Angle Show" podcast, he was able to shed some light on his recovery from that procedure and have a look at the grim reality of his injuries over time.

"I would've wrestled the day after my surgery if I was allowed," Angle said. "It didn't really matter because I was injured anyway. I was always injured," noting that it was rare to feel and be 100% healthy throughout his career. Though, things appear to be looking good following the replacement of both knees. "I'm almost fully recovered," he continued, now more than six months into a recovery period that typically takes 9 to 12 months. "I'm really happy. My legs are stronger now than they were before the surgery." Angle noted that his new knees feel so good that, to him, it feels as though he's already at that point, but he understands the work is far from over. "They don't want me to run yet," he added. "Probably in another month or two, I'll start running again."