Bully Ray On The Likelihood Of WWE Departures In The Wake Of CM Punk's Return

CM Punk's WWE return has caused the likes of Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins to voice their displeasure. Although the word on the street is that both men are playing into the storyline of Punk being unwelcome in the WWE locker room, others believe that McIntyre — a free agent in 2024 — could potentially leave WWE due to the arrival of the controversial former WWE Champion. 


On "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray analyzed the possibility of McIntyre and others leaving WWE as a result of Punk. 

"After that reaction the other night, there ain't one ego in the locker room who's gonna step up and go, 'Damn it, if he's here, I'm leaving.' Nobody," Ray said. "Who's gonna leave? Who's going to leave the WWE right now with the business that it's doing? And the great perception it has all over the world. Who's leaving because Phill Brooks came back?"

Ray then disputed the notion that Punk could struggle to mend fences with some wrestlers in the WWE locker room, many of whom were still around during his acrimonious exit nearly a decade ago. He also disagreed with the take that some members of the WWE Universe weren't thrilled to see Punk return to WWE. 


"Did you hear any boos? Did you see anybody in that crowd with anything less than a look of adulation on their face?" asked Ray. "17,000-plus were going f***ing wild for it. Okay, you can tell me because it was in Chicago, I'll let you have that — but I'm sorry. Unless I hear from somebody that was there ... I don't believe it."