The Miz Sets His Sights On Another Accolade In WWE

The Miz has held WWE's Intercontinental Championship on eight different occasions. Currently, Chris Jericho sits in the record books for the most title reigns with the prestigious belt at nine. The Miz has his sights set on one day making history. 


In an interview with TNT Sports, The Miz was asked if there was anything left that he'd like to achieve in WWE, and his goals are very much centered around making new milestones with the Intercontinental Title.

"Break the record for most days of having the Intercontinental Championship and most reigns," he responded. "Like, I'm one reign away from being tied for being No. 1, and I think I'm 25 days away from having the title the most out of anyone. I think Pedro Morales has me beat right now by like 25 days. So that would be a pretty cool feat. It'd be just another accolade to add to my already pretty stout career."

The Miz had the opportunity to tie Jericho over the weekend at Survivor Series but came up a bit short in his bout with the reigning titleholder GUNTHER. Morales' mark is recognized by WWE as 617 days, putting The Miz well within striking distances of the WWE great if he ever manages to recapture the Intercontinental Championship. On "Raw" last night, he issued a challenge to GUNTHER for a rematch in the future for another opportunity.


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit TNT Sports with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.