Backstage Update On QT Marshall's AEW Departure

More details keep surfacing regarding QT Marshall's planned departure from AEW. Marshall, who initially joined AEW in 2019, had worked here and there as an on-screen talent but, more importantly, wore many hats behind the curtain, including helping Tony Khan format live shows. However, new reports from both "Wrestling Observer Radio" and Haus of Wrestling indicate that Marshall really did have designs on wanting to wrestle more in AEW — a source of frustration for Marshall as his desires didn't seem to carry enough weight to bring them to fruition. 


However, there is more to Marshall's decision to resign from AEW than just not getting to wrestle as often as he'd like. Marshall referenced AEW "heading in a different direction" in his initial statement and, according to Haus of Wrestling, Marshall didn't seem himself fitting with the shift. Sources shared Marshall's belief that AEW was operating more in the style of NJPW, putting heavy emphasis on matches and wrestling and far less on storylines and angles. As the preferred taste of Khan, that vision no longer aligned with what Marshall thought the company should be doing. 

It is possible that Marshall may try to make his way to WWE. His connection to Cody Rhodes runs deep as he assists in running The Nightmare Factory wrestling school. However, whether or not Rhodes has that type of pull or WWE would be interested in Marshall remains to be seen. Marshall could have a future as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center, if he wanted to take that route, but with his hooks already in one training facility, that may not be what he's looking for. 


There is of course AAA in Mexico where he is already involved, previously holding the AAA Latin American Championship until a few weeks ago. He is also a part of AAA plans as one-half of a top tag team in the promotion with Sam Adonis. But that'll be up to Marshall on how far he thinks his run in AAA can take him toward his future goals.