Jeff Jarrett Recalls WWE Attitude Era Storyline He Feels Stretched Credibility

Jeff Jarrett has been party to more than his fair share of controversial moments in wrestling throughout his career, especially as a part of WWE's Attitude Era. As such, it takes a lot for Jarrett to consider something a little too over the top from that time period. However, there was one angle involving Undertaker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin then that he believes was a bit much.

On the latest episode of "My World," Jarrett talked in depth about the angle, which saw Undertaker and his manager, Paul Bearer, attempt to embalm Austin in a funeral home before Austin was rescued by Kane.

"When you get down to the level of embalming 'Stone Cold,' it's just kind of stretching the limits and kind of ... I just think getting way out of bounds," Jarrett said of the November 1998 angle. "I think the magic of 'Stone Cold' and Mr. McMahon was the whole world knew that Vince owned the WWF ... And so here's the real boss, and he's a New Yorker, and I wouldn't say pompous and arrogant, because he was playing the play-by-play character and everything that went with it."

"When he became the evil Mr. McMahon," Jarrett continued, "and he had the hardworking, blue-collar, beer-drinking dude 'Stone Cold,' everybody could actually relate to that ... You could just live vicariously through both characters. When you get into the embalming — Undertaker and 'Stone Cold,' you just kind of lost that sense of reality."

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