Why Booker T Calls AEW Full Gear Spot 'One Of The Dumbest Things I've Ever Seen'

The brutal, gory Texas Death Match between "Hangman" Adam Page and Swerve Strickland has caused much controversy in the weeks since Page first drank Swerve Strickland's blood. Even longtime wrestling veterans like Booker T were taken aback by the explicit display.


"I ain't never seen nothing like that before," Booker said recently on "The Hall of Fame."

Booker noted that he's seen plenty of blood and plenty of gore, citing Abdullah The Butcher's brutal history specifically, but said Page and Strickland took things to an uncomfortable level, especially for a televised product that has to attract sponsors. The WWE Hall of Famer claims WWE has a hard enough time attracting top-end sponsors like Rolex or other high-end sponsorships usually seen in the world of F1 racing or professional soccer because of wrestling's reputation in society.

"I remember going to a high school, way back in the day ... and the principal insisted 'no blood,'" Booker recalled. "Tiger Conway went out there and he bled at this high school, these kids were running around, screaming, hollering. After that, we were never able to go into any high schools ever and promote professional wrestling."


According to Booker, he tried to run a wrestling show at his old junior high school and was essentially shunned as if he were a spy trying to pass along nuclear secrets. He believes that the brutal, bloody days of wrestling are over, especially in the days of hand sanitizer and better awareness of diseases.

"We've got diseases out there that we know [can be] transferred through blood, and god forbid a drop land on a kid, and something happened," Booker chastised. "It's the dumbest thing in the world."