AEW's Matt Hardy Shares Frustration With How They're Being Handled, 'Refreshing' Idea

Despite being one of the most decorated tag teams in pro wrestling history, The Hardy Boyz have recently found themselves aimlessly floating around AEW's tag division. To potentially combat this, Jeff Hardy suggested the idea of elevating his ego far above that of the "Antichrist of Professional Wrestling" character he portrayed in TNA Wrestling. On "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Jeff's brother, Matt Hardy, laid out another pitch.

"Creatively, just the way we've been utilized like the last four months, it's been very frustrating. We've been very patient but there has been a lot of frustration [with] the things we've done and how we've been utilized in some ways," Matt said. "So I feel like the natural thing to play off of it is channel[ing] that frustration and put it into what we're doing. To those people that I call malcontents, if they hate us, we will give them a reason to hate us. There's something we can do there to evolve our characters and once again reinvent into something we've never done. There's never been really an aggressive, take-by-any-means-necessary, cheat if you have to, break the rules if you have to, or 'bad' Hardy Boyz version of the Hardys."

Looking back on their historied careers, Matt recognizes that the two have explored some heel work through their mystical personas as Brother Nero and "Broken" Matt Hardy. Both brothers have even found success as heels individually, but together, Matt insists that wrestling fans have yet to see a truly aggressive form of The Hardy Boyz.

"The two of us together in a new role, I think it would be very refreshing. I think it's something that we could use to get back to where we want to be," Matt said.

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