Daniel Cormier On 'The Only Guy' Who Should Beat WWE Champ Roman Reigns

Assuming his reign continues, Roman Reigns looks set to enter his fourth consecutive WrestleMania as WWE Universal Champion next year in Philadelphia. It's become a yearly ritual for wrestling fans to speculate over who will challenge Reigns at the "Show of Shows", driven by hopes someone may finally unseat him. CM Punk represents a new option following his return at Survivor Series, marking the end of a nine-year absence, and it's been reported that WWE wants a feud between he and Reigns down the line. However, former UFC two-weight champion and self-professed WWE superfan Daniel Cormier explained during "MMA Hour" why he doesn't want it to be Punk. 

"Cody Rhodes has to beat Roman Reigns," declared Cormier, "Has to be Cody." Cormier recalled being in attendance for Rhodes' initial challenge at WrestleMania 39. Rhodes had won the Royal Rumble after months of speaking about "finishing the story", referring to winning WWE's world title for both his and his father's legacies. But it wasn't to be, as Solo Sikoa landed a Spike to the throat of Rhodes swiftly followed by a spear from Reigns to retain the title. Cormier shared why he thought it was the right decision on the night. 

"I'm there the whole time just hoping he loses because I know how much it's gonna hurt these people because in their sadness I find joy. Because everybody thinks they know everything, I don't want to know wrestling to the point that I can't be surprised, I want to be surprised." The result certainly proved to be a shock to fans in attendance, the crowd signaling their displeasure with thunderous boos following the main event. Rhodes is tipped as one of Reigns' would-be challengers at WrestleMania 40, and just announced his entry into 2024's Royal Rumble to begin that endeavor.