Report: WWE Creative's Plans For CM Punk Involve Feud With Current Champion

While CM Punk's return promo on "WWE Raw" this past Monday drew a lot of eyeballs, and some polarizing responses, the one thing it didn't do was reveal what Punk would be doing going forward. Fortunately, there is a plan for Punk's immediate WWE future, and it appears to involve one of, if not both, of the top champions in the company.

Sports Illustrated reports that Punk is currently scheduled to have programs with both Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins going forward. As for who will be the first of the two to face Punk, Rollins is currently earmarked for that spot, with some speculation that a match between the pair could serve as the main event for Night One of WrestleMania 40 this April. No word was given on when a program with Reigns would begin.

A feud between Punk and Rollins seemed inevitable following Punk's return at Survivor Series, which came following Rollins competing in WarGames. Off air, an animated Rollins could be seen having to be restrained from going after Punk by WarGames teammate Sami Zayn and announcer Michael Cole, prompting some to question whether Rollins was legitimately upset, though later reports indicated that Rollins was working an angle. In addition to Rollins, questions were also asked about Drew McIntyre, who was said to have stormed out following the main event. Despite the incident, there was no concrete follow-up between Punk and Rollins on "Raw," as Rollins continued his ongoing issues with McIntyre earlier in the night, resulting in McIntyre headbutting him. Rollins will have another title defense before another bout with McIntyre, as he'll face Jey Uso next Monday with the World Heavyweight Title on the line.