CM Punk On Returning To WWE In Raw Promo Segment: 'I'm Home'

After nearly a decade, CM Punk is home. So said the man himself to close out tonight's episode of "WWE Raw."

Punk quickly got to his point, saying his return at Survivor Series invoked two words he was almost afraid to say because of how true they were. Alluding to Dusty Rhodes, Punk said, "Once upon a time, an 'American Dream' taught me that if you speak from the heart, you cannot go wrong because it is the truth and this is the truth: I'm home."


Now back with WWE following a two-year run in AEW that ended in his firing after a physical altercation with Jack Perry backstage at All In, Punk noted that for the entire time he was gone, the WWE Universe never forgot him nor stopped chanting his name. "The voiceless found their voice and I couldn't be more proud of you," said Punk to the fans. "I love you guys."

Other callbacks also included a reference to Paul Heyman. "A wiseman told me that for me to get everything I need out of this place, I'd have to leave and come back," a nod to his infamous "Pipe Bomb." He also gave a shoutout to his wife, former WWE superstar AJ Lee, and a claim that everyone at WWE has welcomed him back with open arms. "Well, almost everybody," he added.


No direction for Punk's first feud was clarified but that last mention, and a similar one from WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins earlier in the night, may have added fuel to an already burning fire that those two are on an inevitable collision course. He ended the show by turning directly to the camera and revealing his intentions in his return to WWE. "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money," said Punk to end the night.