Seth Rollins Lashes Out At CM Punk After WWE Survivor Series 2023

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has hit out at CM Punk, following the former AEW star's return to WWE at this past weekend's Survivor Series Premium Live Event. 

Following Punk's return, Rollins was seen shouting angrily at "The Best in the World," and had to be held back by commentators Corey Graves and Michael Cole. Reports later claimed that the World Heavyweight Champion knew about Punk's return to WWE, and his enraged reaction was part of a storyline to set up a feud between him and Punk. At a live event on Sunday in Peoria, Illinois, Rollins addressed the fans and spoke publicly about Punk's return, lashing out at the former AEW World Champion. 


"You already know how I feel about that. I said as much last night. I'm not going to waste any more breath on somebody [Punk] that has been gone for eight years, has done nothing but try and tear this place down," said Rollins about Punk. "Instead, I'm going to take my time, waste my breath, use my breath to talk about the people who have been here all along, that's all the people in the back who have made WWE the hottest ticket in town, and that's every single one of you who are here tonight in Peoria."

Rollins has been public about his disdain for Punk in the past, calling him "cancer" and advising him to stay away from him, but later acknowledged that Punk helped him in his career. The controversial star has reportedly signed a multi-year deal with WWE and is being advertised to feature on this week's "WWE Raw," which is rumored to be the brand he will be on going forward.