CM Punk And Randy Orton Confirmed For WWE Raw Appearances

WWE's Survivor Series WarGames was a night full of returns at the end of the night as both Randy Orton and CM Punk made their comebacks to WWE. However, fans won't have to wait long to see the former WWE Champions once again as the company has confirmed on X that both men will be appearing on "WWE Raw" tomorrow night in Nashville. 


At this point, it is unknown what either man will be doing on the show, but they will be involved in some capacity to continue their returns.

The "Viper" had been out of action for 18 months after undergoing double back fusion surgery, and he returned to action last night as part of Team Cody Rhodes. The 14-time World Champion turned up at the end of the WarGames match and looked like he hadn't skipped a beat as he displayed all of his iconic moves, including a super RKO to JD McDonagh as he helped his team defeat The Judgment Day. Even though he was beneficial to the team on the night, Orton did make it clear to Jey Uso that he hadn't forgotten about what The Bloodline did to him, and the aftermath of all that will now be felt. 


However, WWE had one more big surprise up their sleeve before the end of the night as former AEW star CM Punk appeared to close out the show. Punk returned to an incredible reaction from the Chicago faithful, marking his first appearance since he walked out on WWE in 2014. Fans were left with more questions than answers about why he has returned to wrestling, which has been increased by the viral reaction of Seth Rollins to his return.