Backstage News On Seth Rollins' Reaction To CM Punk's WWE Return At Survivor Series

CM Punk's shocking return at theĀ WWE Survivor Series drew strong reactions from not only fans inside Allstate Arena and on social media but also from his new coworkers. Video footage has made rounds of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins expressing his anger at Punk's return as he threw up middle fingers and teased charging at the former WWE Champion while referees Michael Cole and Corey Graves attempted to keep Rollins in line.


Now comes the question: is it a work or a shoot? Both Fightful and PWTorch have reported that top talent involved in the men's WarGames match were pulled aside to be given the heads up that Punk would appear before cameras stopped rolling. PWTorch adds the belief is that Rollins was actually given more of a heads up than the others because his upset reaction is part of a developing storyline.

While Rollins may be poised to work a top angle with Punk, it doesn't mean he's excited to have him back, considering his past comments where he labeled Punk "a cancer." Nevertheless, there are a few ideas for where the direction could go. Those include Rollins being the pro-WWE babyface defending the company's stability against a heel Punk, Rollins turning heel in an overreaction, or it could be set up in a way where fans have to choose sides without either being the clear heel.


Another point made by PWTorch is that Rollins sees this as an opportunity to work a true top program in WWE after riding the backseat to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns for several years. A "red hot" angle like this could help elevate him to the "top-top" main event level again.