Why AEW's Thunder Rosa Calls CM Punk's WWE Return A Mix Of 'Heartbreak & Happiness'

For a time, it appeared as though "AEW Collision" would have been the new playground for former World Champions CM Punk and Thunder Rosa. Punk would go on to be the marquee act on the Saturday night show before his firing in September, while Rosa served briefly as a commentator after featuring during the show's promotion. Punk has since returned to WWE, which Thunder Rosa called a mixture of heartbreak and happiness during an episode of "Busted Open." 

"I really have to confess, it was like a touch of heartbreak and happiness," she started, "I love Phil as a person and I want him to be successful. I wish things would have gone completely different and he was still working with [AEW]."

Rosa said that she's glad Punk has a chance to fulfill his dream with WWE as she knows how much he loves professional wrestling. She further recalled her own experience working with Punk, describing it as positive and enriching. She believes that Punk, like everybody, deserves a second chance and this is his last chance at professional wrestling. Thunder Rosa feels that with CM Punk, you either like him or you hate him, but no matter what he will be talked about and fans will tune in to watch him. The "Raw" directly following Survivor Series and Punk's return for the first time in almost a decade saw a 29% increase in ratings from the week before. There was also a 34% rise in the 18-49 demographic.