Sonny Kiss Discusses AEW Partnership With Joey Janela, Cody Rhodes' Role

Sonny Kiss' partnership and subsequent rivalry with Joey Janela was a highlight from her time with AEW, and even though the duo spent most of their time working on "AEW Dark," Kiss revealed that Cody Rhodes was very much behind them as a unit. 

"Cody was very much like, 'Hey, we're going to send you guys to Atlanta to shoot this fun vignette.' I kind of heard that they didn't really like it," Kiss revealed to "WrestlingNews Co." "I thought it was awesome, but I don't know if they actually didn't like it or not. I didn't hear that out of Tony's mouth or anyone's mouth, but I thought it was really fun." 

The original vignette saw them driving around in a sports car with Kiss providing advice to Janela, before ultimately finishing with them fighting some thugs in a gas station as they showcased their partnership. It's something Kiss felt was different, revealing they came up with almost the entire dialogue themselves.

"I thought that the story that we portrayed was very obvious. It was your partner trying to help you get back on your feet and someone that could relate to you," Kiss said. "I think that was really, really fun ... I think everything we did in that vignette was well received by the fans."

Ultimately, the duo would break up following a string of defeats, which led to Janela turning his back on Kiss. It's something that Kiss didn't want to happen as soon as it did, but the storyline did lead to several encounters between them.

"I think Joey explained that there was something different, a different storyline for him or something ... Our feud was too long, and our tag team didn't last long enough in my opinion," Kiss said.

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