Bully Ray Details His Issues With AEW Star Britt Baker's Social Media Behavior

Former AEW Women's World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD recently took to social media to share her frustrations with how the company has handled her in 2023. On the latest "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray felt that Baker was being unprofessional, but also believed her tweet was a symptom of a bigger epidemic in wrestling.

"I'm not gonna jump on Britt. I'm gonna jump on Britt and every wrestler that has ever done that. Wrestlers who complain on social media about their push...is a coward," Bully said, believing backstage issues should be handled behind the scenes. "The same way you're tweeting is the same way you could be walking into your boss' office." Ray believes that all Baker accomplished was riling up her fans to dogpile onto the company she already works for.

"They are investing in some of the women, but maybe they're just not investing in Britt Baker right now," Ray theorized. The WWE Hall of Famer cites co-host Mickie James' comparison to a Ferris wheel, as sometimes wrestlers are on top, sometimes they're on the bottom, but the cyclical, cylindrical shape of the business will always bring people back to the top in due time. Ray also believes that truly secure wrestlers are at their most comfortable at the bottom of the proverbial wheel. "You can take some time to freshen up again, and then you come back strong."

Baker is currently off AEW television due to a back injury and also had to miss a recent taping in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. It's possible that Baker's consternation with AEW is a way to get fans talking about her during her illness and injury absence. Still, it's also possible that they are Baker's legitimate thoughts, as even AEW fans have noticed the lack of investment in the presentation of AEW's women's division in the company's brief lifetime.