Why Vince Russo Says He Wouldn't Last 24 Hours In WWE These Days

During an interview with the "Developmentally Speaking" podcast, Vince Russo explained why he wouldn't last 24 hours in WWE if he were to return to the promotion. Russo began working on WWE's creative team in 1996 before being promoted to head writer the following year. He left the company in 1999 to join the now-defunct WCW. 

"You know, bro, there was a time when it was just me and Vince [McMahon] writing the show," Russo said. "That's it. And then, when the Attitude Era really started taking off, Vince couldn't do it anymore, so that's when Ed Ferrara came in, and it was just two guys. Now, you've got 20-something writers and all these people, and, bro, I would not last in that environment for 24 hours, man."

"Bro, especially when you're doing two live weekly shows," Russo added. "There's no time for that, bro. There's no time to get the opinions of 20 people and sit in on meetings and committees. There's no time for that, bro. And I think that has to do with, in my opinion, why you see a very lackluster production."

Following the demise of WCW, Russo briefly returned to WWE in 2002 as a creative consultant. However, he left that role within a few weeks. After that, Russo went on to write for TNA. Russo, who recently claimed that TNA faction Main Event Mafia was better than The Bloodline, would have on-and-off stints with the promotion in the years that followed, including one run between 2013 and 2014 that was kept under wraps. 

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