TKO Considering Scaling Back On WWE House Shows, Among Other Cost-Cutting Measures

WWE owner TKO has revealed that they are considering removing WWE live shows from certain markets as part of ongoing efforts to cut costs.

Despite the current success of the business, the latest insight from TKO chief operating officer Mark Shapiro has hinted at a major change to the promotion's live event schedule. Speaking at the UBS media conference, as quoted by "Wrestling Observer," Shapiro revealed that non-televised house shows in smaller regions could be reduced in the coming years as a way to steady the financial bottom line. 

"From a margin perspective, they're dilutive," he said. "There's probably an opportunity, as we go through our synergies and efficiency opportunities, to cut back on some of those non-televised events which, of course, will push our margin up. We're going to scrutinize every dollar on production for every single event, every single one of these telecasts, and improve our savings."

With revenue and crowd attendance at an all-time high, as well as public opinion swaying in a positive manner over the past 18 months, it's been a smooth transition from the Vince McMahon era to the new-look TKO Group that has seen Triple H and Nick Khan take over the operations of WWE.

The merger between WWE and UFC from earlier this year has yet to have any significant impact on the overall TV programming or schedule, but the comments from Shapiro could be the first nod to a fresh approach. At this stage, there has been no confirmation regarding the cutback in live events, but the company has ceased its home video distributions following Crown Jewel.