Swerve Strickland Explains Why AEW Full Gear Match With Adam Page Was So Extreme

AEW wrestler Swerve Strickland shared his thoughts on his recent death match with Hangman Page, expressing that they could have made it even more gruesome.

One of the big talking points coming out of AEW Full Gear was the explicitly gory Texas Death match between Swerve Strickland and former AEW World Champion Hangman Page. In a new interview with "Not Sam Wrestling," Strickland explained that his background in Combat Zone Wrestling and other ultraviolent indie promotions prepared him for the brutality of the match against Page.

"I know there's a limit ... and once you cross that limit, there's not going back," Strickland said. He believes that he and Page could've gone even further with the match's graphic violence, but the two men found a balance for the general audience at home. "We're really cautious about how far this really goes and conscious of the brutality."

Swerve said that his character crossed a line by invading Page's house and his child's bedroom, which required Page to cross a line with the violent punishment. Swerve noted that it was Page's idea to drink his blood, as his opponent was as deep into the emotions of the story as he was.

"I couldn't imagine what Hangman was going through," Swerve said about Page's point-of-view on the storyline, and how it likely would've inspired him to do heinous acts if he was in Page's shoes. "When it comes to anger, you don't know what you'll personally do to someone."

Swerve was ultimately successful in the match, choking Page into unconsciousness. He is now competing in the AEW Continental Classic, where he and Jon Moxley are currently tied for the lead in the gold group.