AEW's Chris Jericho Names Era When He Really 'Grasped What Wrestling Really Is'

Chris Jericho has often changed up his character to create distinct eras in his career, comparing himself to David Bowie in that regard. While he has always operated at a high level and achieved a lot of success, he believes it wasn't until 18 years into the business that he finally grasped what wrestling truly is.

"When we did the Shawn Michaels feud and I became the suit and tie guy Jericho, that's when I think I finally reached my potential that he [Vince McMahon]saw in me and always could not figure out why the f*** I was not getting it," he told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

Michaels and Jericho faced each other many times, but in 2008 they had an extended storyline that helped truly establish Jericho as one of WWE's top-caliber stars. Not only did it raise his stock with the fans, but it opened up his relationship with Vince McMahon, allowing for further learning. 

"The Shawn Michaels feud was when I could actually sit down with Vince and call Vince and talk to him about stuff," Jericho said. "Once again, if he wants me to do something, with Vince if he gives you something to do and you don't like it, you'd better have an alternative." 

Jericho revealed that McMahon would simply go along with his idea unless the wrestler had something to challenge him with, and then nine times out of ten he'd run with that. It was something that forced Jericho to think and go with what he felt, which is a lesson he still applies to this day.

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