Insight: Chris Jericho Compares AEW's Tony Khan With WWE's Vince McMahon

Having over three decades' worth of pro wrestling experience under his belt, Chris Jericho has worked under his fair share of promoters. A majority of Jericho's career was spent with Vince McMahon's WWE between 1999 and 2018. Since 2019, Jericho has been a mainstay of AEW, the brainchild of Tony Khan. From the outside looking in, McMahon and Khan have drastically different views on what wrestling is and how to conduct business. Having had an extensive history with the two promoters and never one to keep his opinion to himself, Jericho recently compared McMahon and Khan.

Appearing on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet", Jericho offered his opinion on what McMahon and Khan have in common and what sets them apart as wrestling promoters. "The passion is the [similarity]," Jericho said of McMahon and Khan. The "Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah" would also say that McMahon and Khan share an enthusiasm and deep knowledge of wrestling, despite the two's massive age gap. 

Where the two differ — at least according to Jericho — is in the way they run their respective wrestling promotions. "[Their] ways of running the companies are different. Vince has more of an iron hand and Tony is more of a people person when there's pros and cons for both of those, "Jericho said. "But they're two different people, you know, and that's never going to change." Jericho's evaluation of McMahon and Khan's promotional styles is similar to that of Rob Van Dam, another WWE veteran who has made a handful of appearances for AEW in 2023. In October, RVD gave his take on McMahon and Khan as owners, stating that McMahon is more of an intimidating figure whereas Khan is on the kinder, gentler side.

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