Ace Steel Recalls The Most Enjoyable Experiences Of His AEW Run

Ace Steel's AEW run will forever be associated with "Brawl Out," the backstage altercation involving him, CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks in 2022. However, the former AEW agent, producer, and wrestling coach is still proud of what he accomplished there. While speaking to the "Wrestling with Rip Rogers" podcast, Steel said that he had some positive experiences in AEW, especially when working closely with talent.

"I was Punker's producer, so I produced some good stuff, produced his dog collar match [against MJF]... I did have fun, I had a lot of fun. I got to expand my skills as far as that went for producing."

According to Steel, producing taught him to view wrestling as a movie, and he had a lot of input on the dog collar match. Essentially, he learned how to maximize moments and ensure that cameras were there to capture them. He also said that some wrestlers don't listen to input from the producers and have the match they want to have, but it was a part of the job that he enjoyed overall.

Elsewhere, he was proud of his work with Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez. Steel recalled training them, despite believing neither of them needed it, and pushing for their ROH Women's World Championship feud to happen.

"When Mercedes had the ROH Women's Title, there wasn't a lot going on with it. She's like, 'I really wanna do something with this, Ace.' And I'm like, 'Okay, welll let's put our heads together.' And I turned around one day and saw Serena walking out, and I go, 'Why don't we do something with Serena?'... So I had a lot of input with them that we would put in the mix to get their feud going last year."

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