Mark Briscoe Explains Emotional Reaction To WWE On Fox X Account's 'Dem Boyz' Post

AEW and ROH's Mark Briscoe took to X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend to call out the WWE on FOX account for using the phrase "DEM BOYZ," which has been associated with him and his late brother, Jay Briscoe, for several years. The term was used while captioning an image of Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) from Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown." Briscoe has now followed up by explaining his reaction to the post. 

"Oh yea, thatsss why I quit posting on Twitter lol. Just logged back on...woww," Briscoe wrote. "Some of y'all are wild lol. I just miss my brother, that's all, and I got a little in my feelings when I seen the Fox post. @tripleh, you ain't gotta fire nobody, times is tough. Love y'all..take it light people. #DemBoysForever."

Briscoe had called for the individual who published the "DEM BOYZ" post on WWE on FOX to be fired for a lack of knowledge. He had also suggested that the person should have "the taste slapped out of their mouth." 

The "DEM BOYZ post, which was published just over a month out from the one-year anniversary of Jay Briscoe's death, caused a stir online amongst fans, but many pointed out that the term has also been used in instances outside of the pro wrestling bubble, such as in music, with rappers Boyz n da Hood releasing "Dem Boyz" in 2005. Elsewhere, "We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Khalifa hit the airwaves in 2014.