Eric Bischoff Calls Ring Of Honor A 'Parasite' On AEW

Eric Bischoff thinks Tony Khan's attention — and his funds — have been divided by his wrestling responsibilities, as Khan is not only running All Elite Wrestling, but Ring of Honor as well, which Khan purchased last year.

"It was a bad decision to buy [Ring of Honor] in the first place, and there's nothing anybody's going to do to make it interesting or important, [to anyone] outside of the hardest of hardcore internet wrestling community fans," Bischoff said on "83 Weeks." "That's it. There is no solution. If it was a horse, I would put it out of its misery and move on. I would take the resources that are going into Ring of Honor, which is never going to be viable, ever, I would take the resources that are being dumped into that and put it into my core product, 'Dynamite.'"

Bischoff believes that tying not only the roster but the AEW brand itself to ROH is diminishing AEW, skimming valuable resources that could be used to expand the audience on a brand that Bischoff sees as less-than.

"Right now, Ring of Honor is like a giant freaking parasite on the AEW brand," Bischoff continued. "The more focus they put on the parasite, the more that parasite is going to diminish or harm the core brand."

Bischoff is not the only person who is currently scratching their head over Khan's devotion to ROH. AAA head booker Konnan thinks Khan is letting sentimentality get in the way of his better business sense.